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- Matrix -
A federated Synapse 1.74.0 server with presence, voice, video and conferencing.

What is Matrix ?

Matrix is an open standard and communication protocol for real-time communication. It is comparable to Discord, Microsoft Teams, Slack and other collaboration tools.

Why Matrix ?

Because it works and it puts your data in YOUR hands. You control your encryption keys and where your personal data is stored. You can run your own homeserver or use one of the public access homeservers. They can all communicate with each other seamlessly.

How Matrix ?

To access Matrix, you need a user on a homeserver and a Matrix client app. The most commonly used app,
Element works great and it's what we offer for our web portal access. There are many other options available, such as Cinny and SchildiChat.

Why Marmottel ?

Our Matrix server is setup and maintained by experienced professionals and is offered at no cost to you, the user. We believe in the Matrix protocol and are operating this free service to develop our own knowledge and to promote its use.

More Info !

See the Wikipedia article at  Matrix (protocol) - Wikipedia
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